Saturday, December 12, 2020

2020 SMR 40

Rained overnight, stopped early this morning, so everything was wet and there was no sun, but not cold and not too windy. It was the perfect winter ride.

Visibility was pretty low though because of fog - I couldn't wear my prescription sunglasses which is kind of a problem.

I found an old blinkie in my big drawer of bike junk, but it was pretty lame so I had it and didn't use it. Then on the ride I remembered my helmet light that I bought for Eroica 2019... I'm going to put that on because SAFETY!  BTW, I hate blinking front lights on other people - they are annoying and make it hard to see anything else. So I won't say this to your face, but if you have one, you're being a jerk even if you don't know it.  Put it on steady and point it down at the road.

I told JB I thought the fog would clear about Blue Oak, and sure enough it did, but only for a couple hundred meters, and then it was back into the soup. Foggy all the way to Summit. JB turned around at Juniper with frozen fingers.

I talked to this guy at Junction and he said he doesn't like riding on weekends for all the car traffic but figured nobody would think of driving up Diablo on a day like this.  

The wind blew down the caution tape at The Wall... thank you Mr. Ranger for fixing this.

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