Wednesday, December 02, 2020

2020 WNR 34

Started off cold and I over-dressed... like a NEWB! Charlie played it smart but I had two layers plus jacket and overheated on NGR, and he kicked my behind all the way to Junction.

At Junction I ditched my jacket and then we rode to Juniper and I felt a lot better. Not hard to remember to retrieve it on the way down.

Also at Junction I see Diablo Legend Cathy P - I've only spoken with her a couple times but we have a lot of the same Strava friends and I see her almost every ride; she's easy to recognize with her light-up helmet and pink trim. Charlie and I remarked how smooth she rides and then I checked her Strava stats and she has 6 times the annual elevation that I do. She might make a half million vertical meters for the year... for perspective, that's about the equivalent of EIGHT Summits per week.  She had a whole posse of friends climbing with her in support. Anyway - Hazzah.

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