Thursday, December 24, 2020

2020 Thursday Bonus Junction

 Work is slow - Christmas Eve - go ride!

Charlie went hard right right from the start and had his best NGR-Junction time ever.  I felt pretty good and kept up with him most of the way. I did some stretching last night so I didn't feel as stiff in the joints as some of my previous rides... I'm going to advance my stretching routine. 

Looked like the same group of e-mountain bikers was at Junction as yesterday. Also too many cars for a perfect day, but I was feeling the Christmas spirit and decided to share The Mountain with the cagers.

I decided to force Charlie to descend first, so I could do my Bump repeats on the downlow.  It was a little harder than yesterday because of the effort to Junction but nobody said being the Legend of The Bump was going to be easy.

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