Sunday, December 20, 2020

2020 SMR 41

Last ride before the solstice. Last ride before the great conjunction of Juniper and Saturn. This morning was cold and foggy. 

We popped up above the fog layer at about 1000 feet and it was really nice.

Met Diablo regular Stewart at Junction. He said me and JB must have the same ride schedule as he does because he always sees us there. I said "we're always here, so of course you see us every time you ride".

I've been getting lots of Strava notifications about my friends achieving their goals for the year:

"Rider R has completed 12,000 miles this year"

"Rider B has climbed 1,000,000 feet this year."

How'm I supposed to compete with those kinds of stats?  I decided to do my regular Saturday Morning Ride. Maybe my friends will get the message "DiabloScott did the same ride he's been doing since before Strava was born."

Coming back down, I dropped into the fog again and it was even thicker and colder than it was when I left home. Also, the battery in my Garmin does NOT like the cold and died on me before I got home. I'm not sure it's bad enough to merit buying a new one though... it's not like I'm going to accomplish some impressive goal for the year that won't get recorded.

This star appeared in the east, so wise folks followed it,
but then it moved so we turned around at Summit.

This guy shouted out "You're in my video",
so I gave him a big wave and wished all his viewers a Merry Christmas.

Magenta jerseys show up really well in my photo snips.

Top of the fog layer... prepare to dive... arrooooogah.

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