Saturday, July 06, 2019

2019 SMR 21

JB's in Iowa, so I did a solo to Summit non-stop.  I figured I might be able to get a good Gate-Summit time, so I made a plan to break 90 minutes.

1.  48 minutes to Junction.  This would mean 8 minute splits... pretty sure that wouldn't be a problem.

2.  66 minutes to Juniper.  I wasn't sure how much of an effort this would be, or if I would be able to judge the effort,  but well within my other Strava times.

3.  85 minutes to Lower Lot.  I figured this would give me some contingency, and even a short break if I needed it.

The plan went almost perfectly.  It was a little windier than I was thinking but I was within a minute of all the splits on NGR; I even slowed down a hair for the Ranches to not get ahead of myself.  I was about a minute behind schedule at Juniper but that was my biggest unknown segment - so 67 minutes there.  And 84 minutes at the Lower Lot so I stopped for a Hammergel and to let a couple cars go up The Wall before I started.

Passed'em-Passed-me Ratio:  A whole bunch to zero.  I tried to look extra smooth while I was passing people... the way I always admire smoothness in the folks that pass me.

I didn't want to beat 90 minutes by TOO much, because I figured I might try this again some time and would want to beat today's time - I was aiming for 88 minutes but turned in 87.  Can't be too hard on myself though, it was a good ride.

Wildlife Encounter:  deer, Split 1

This guy just started descending as I went through Junction - so I passed him, and then he shadowed me all the way down.

I gave him multiple opportunities to pass me back but he wouldn't until The Dips were over.

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