Wednesday, July 24, 2019

2019 WNR 19

Hottest ride of the year.  Hotter the first Junction trip, but harder the second trip because I was already pretty drained and getting stiff.  My knee's feeling better but it's still an issue.  Looks like it'll still be hot on Saturday.

Me and Charlie and JB went up together on my second Junction - there were a few more people and a few more shady spots, but it was still hot.  Charlie said he might quit at The Bump, but he stuck it out.  JB forgot his water bottle but it didn't seem to affect him too much.  I went through two big bottles with iced tea and I could've used a third.

DiabloShoutouts:  DeadHeadMike and Punkin-Jay... it's a rare Wednesday night I don't see one or both of them.

Wildlife Encounter:  turkeys and deer.  Charlie saw a young coyote.

Celsius... because it's the 21st century, come on.

These deer seemed to enjoy watching me suffer.

This guy had full camping gear on his bike... huh-zah!

This guy passed us like a train.  His Strava entry said "INTERVALS IN THE HEAT".

This snip best captured the heat, I think.

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Mike said...

WNR, It's becoming a thing with me I guess, LOL!
Boy it was hot!
What time do you guys start?