Wednesday, July 17, 2019

2019 WNR 18

Background:  Last Friday I tripped and fell pretty hard on the sidewalk in San Jose.  Banged and twisted my left knee, banged and twisted my right shoulder and elbow, and took an abrasion on the right side of my face.  There was a not insignificant amount of pain involved.  I had been thinking about an epic ride on Saturday since JB was out of town and some friends were doing the Death Ride that day... but I did a test ride around the neighborhood Saturday morning and made the decision to not do Diablo.  So today, I'm still limping a little bit and wasn't sure I had a Junction but I was pretty sure I could make a go of it... at least once.  

Other WNR regulars said they weren't coming for various reasons so I went kind of early figuring I'd be by myself anyway.  I was able to pedal without any problems, but when I got out of the saddle and pushed it a little I got some bio-feedback that told me to sit back down.  So it was kind of a slow pace but it mostly felt good.  Not a lot of riders tonight though, maybe because of the heat.  

Wildlife Encounter:  just one turkey

DiabloShoutouts to:  PunkinJay, Midland, and DeadHead.... 👋

Wow, it was hotter than I realized.

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