Saturday, October 05, 2019

2019 SMR 32

First:  The Diablo Challenge needs more volunteers - will require getting up early on a Sunday.  Sign up HERE.

Wildlife Encounter:  deer at Little Pine Creek

Tarantula Tally:  one near the bottom of The Bump

I had my annual doctor exam on Thursday.  Told her I was ridiculously healthy, she looked at some numbers on her computer and agreed with my diagnosis.  Heart, lungs, BP, BMI A1c, TSH, PSA; everything was close to perfect.  Then I got a flu shot (just like every year because FLU!), and I think it made me really tired on Friday.

Today's plan was to attack the Junction to Juniper segment.  I needed to do it in 18m30s for a Personal Record - 17m45s to beat Kevin's time; I figured I had a shot, and I wasn't doing Summit so I could "leave it all on the road".  So at Junction I took my normal break and ate my normal Clif Bar and chatted with the other cyclists that were there and then I went for it.  I was feeling super great and I was passing a bunch of other riders and watching my time and it looked like it was working.  Ran into some gusty wind before Blue Oak but I didn't let it slow me down too much.  Then I became aware of how SMOOOOTH I was riding... I'm talking a Smooth Joey level of smoothness ... on top of a pretty big gear, high cadence, upper body still, and drinking up the road.  Suddenly, there was Juniper and I was in under 16 minutes.  Boo.  Yah.

Cal Jersey Autoblog

This guy was smooooth


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Congrats Scott.