Saturday, October 19, 2019

Foxy's Fall Century 2019

When Rick messaged me about doing this ride, I had to consider.  Rick's way faster than me, but he knows that and asked anyway.  I haven't ridden with him in a while and we have some memorable riding experiences together over the last...~20? years, including this ride multiple times, as well as some of the most memorable rides of my cycling life. Also, he offered to drive.  I decided to upvote his suggestion, recognizing that I'd miss my regular Saturday Morning Ride up Diablo.

Check in went fine - really nice atmosphere with tons of cyclists of all stripes.  I determined to go with Clif Bars and Hammer Gel, bypassing the pastries and other offerings.  We clicked START at about 7:30AM and were on our way.

Segment 1 was fast, and we were mostly passing big groups of riders.  I felt damn good, but knew I needed to hold back a little bit because CENTURY.  I imagined that the other riders were envious of my smooth style and obvious hardman-ness.  Somewhere in here I thought I smelled Parmesan Cheese... but then I realized it was cow poop.

Segment 2 was hilly and pretty, climbing around the south side of Lake Berryessa.  Still felt great and still passing most everyone because I am a climber!  Rick seemed happy with my pace.  One woman passed us who was of notably admirable physical condition, and Rick recognized her as ex-pro cyclist now triathlete Ali Battig.

Segment 3 was hilly and windy, I still felt good but welcomed Rick's offer to do most of the pulling.  I started to get the first twinges of leg cramps and let him know.  I reasoned that the switch off between fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles is what triggers my cramps.  I drank some pickle juice at the rest stop (these guys GET IT!) and a few more electrolyte capsules, and kept the cramps at bay.

Segment 4:  Rick says "Scott, I think you're running out of gas."  No use denying that, so I said "You're right, but I feel OK and I know how to pace myself, but that means slowing down a bit.  I'm digging a little too deep for 15 miles to go."  So we dropped our speed a hair and rolled on.  After a while he asked if I was ready to burn another match and I figured I had a couple left so I gave him the OK and he pulled at about 22mph for about 5 miles.  I told him "No use to finish the ride TOO strong."  I've finished centuries much more spent than this one; I felt perfectly used up, without feeling wasted.  Under 6 hours ride time; seems like that was good.  Under one Diablo worth of climbing though, spread out over 100 miles.

Post ride lunch was acceptable - I bypassed the tacos and just ate a huge plate of salad with some tortilla chips and an ice cream bar.  The dining room atmosphere was classic cycling event with classic cycling people and I felt a warm sense of belonging and shared culture with a couple hundred folks with whom I shared part of my identity.

I'm pretty sure the photo guys caught us at least four times, but I could only find this one:


Mike said...

My daughter and I were there too. We were about an hour behind you as we got caught in the CalTrans fiasco at the bridge. Although we rode mostly alone, as all the yellow bands were about an hour ahead, we had a great time and I think I'm signing up for the double in May!

Diablo Scott said...

MIKE! Yeah I saw your Strava photo - kudos to you and your daughter. We were a little delayed by the Benicia Bridge thing too, it was confusing and frustrating.

The DAVIS DOUBLE?!?!?! Wow! That's ambitious.

Mike said...

You probably got through the bridge before the big clusterfudge happened. We probably spent an hour on the bridge approach alone. As soon as we were through the toll we were flying all the way to Davis. Last century I did was back in the late 70's / early '80s - which was also the last DC and Death Ride - I'm certainly slower these days but I'm up for the challenge. :)

Curtis Corlew said...

Good ride, swell report. Thanks!