Wednesday, June 01, 2022

2022 Diablo Day 34 - Wednesday Junction

The heat wave is back so Charlie and I planned an early ride; JB said he would be late.

I rubbed some stuff on my knee and took some pills. Brought two semi-frozen bottles. Emptied the last of my spray-on sunscreen, and we rolled.

Roadkill Report - a deer on Ygnacio Valley Road at the San Carlos intersection... been there two days at least.

Wildlife Encounter - a deer near the LDS church.

As usual, Charlie rode my legs off for the first couple miles. By The Bump he was almost a minute ahead of me. I stayed in the saddle and rode an even pace and caught back up to him at about the 2000 foot rock and figured he would kick my behind... but he didn't speed up at all and I passed him and finished with my second best time of the year.

I gave Charlie a 1-bikelength head start.

Charlie was in no mood to chitchat.

"Didn't expect it to be this hard" guy #1

"Didn't expect it to be this hard" guy #2.

Photo credit:  Charlie.  I'm the pretty one.

These white arm cooler things are getting very popular - not sure why. Maybe they're for people who don't like sunscreen?

Friendly acquaintances at The Junction. Amy A. was riding her Calfee.

I love it when I capture a good rider photo in front of a scenic background.

Lots of squirrels on The Mountain today... being squirrely. This guy was a split second away from being a wheel decoration.

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