Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Diablo Day 38 - Wednesday Junction

More beautiful weather today. The air quality is starting to get worse from something though... not bad, just not that sky-blue that the sky should be.

JB said he would be late, so me and Charlie started up. He'll be out of town next week so that ought to shake things up. 

At The Bump I did some big gear pushing, and then I did some intervals, and suddenly I was a couple minutes ahead of Charlie so I kept going and had my best Junction time of the year.

I caught the old Diablo Cyclists gang with a mile to go. We all hung out at the Junction and posed for photos and BS'ed.

Wildlife Encounter: alligator lizard.

Don with the custom fixie, Coach Andy = 84, my neighbor Amy A, Punkin' Jay, my back, and Charlie.

Lance Oldstrong sighting.

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