Saturday, June 04, 2022

2022 Diablo Day 35 - Saturday Junction

Rain's coming maybe tonight.

 JB said he finally got hold of Ed Litton about fixing his old Teesdale... although then he found another crack in the chainstay, so Ed might take one look and tell him it's not worth fixing.  JB broke that bike about 30 years ago and has been hanging on to it in unrideable condition ever since.

Then we talked about heart valves and primary election voting.  We chatted for a long time at Junction because it was so nice, and there were interesting people with interesting bikes there too.

A rare photo of a guy riding a white Canyon with disc brakes passing me.

A rare photo of a guy in red shorts on a Bianchi passing me.

A rare photo of a guy with a visor helmet riding a white Cannondale passing me.

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