Saturday, June 25, 2022

2022 Diablo Day 41 - Saturday Morning Junction

Not too hot during the ride - but things can heat up quick.

Me and JB talked about medical stuff, and political stuff, and heat.

At Junction a guy asked all about my bike and we traded some good stories.

Also at Junction I recognized Bay Area Cycling Celebrity Alison, aka Pink Panniers Lady. Nearly everybody with a bike has seen her riding around with her pink everything and stuffed moose. Seeing her has a way of making your day. So we posed for a selfie and she said she READS  MY BLOG !!! Turns out it was her husband's birthday and they were going up Summit Road, so happy birthday John.

Lots of garage sales on the residential part of the ride - I got enough junk so I just looked away. 

Here are some photos of previous Alison sightings:


Alison said...

Hi Scott!!
It was great to see YOU yesterday! :) It's rare that I'm on Diablo on a Saturday, so this was a special treat. You're looking fit and great after this amazingly long ordeal of recovery!! Take care of yourself!

Curtis Corlew said...

Even reading about a "Pink Lady" sighting brightens my day. Thanks for posting!