Saturday, September 11, 2021

Saturday Junction

 Nice today; clean air, no wind, and warm. I got a late start because why not. There were tons of riders out today - too many to include all the photos.

On the knee surgery recovery topic, I forced myself to climb out of the saddle for a full minute or so in each of the six segment splits... it still hurts, but it's getting better. Still haven't had a sub-60 Junction since the injury... I'm hoping that's not too far from now.

No wildlife, no roadkill, no tarantellas.

A guy with a vintage steel Ciocc passed me with a classic bike smile and pointed at his sew-up under his saddle... couldn't find it in my video, but that was cool.

The water thing at Junction is still on - might be the only one on The Mountain that's still working.

My SPD cleats on my shoes were getting loose and I could tell... tightened 'em up when I got home.

At least I'm better than THOSE guys!

Cal Jersey Autoblog

Cal Jersey Autoblog

This guy with the Amgen climber's jersey must've been doing repeats or intervals... I'm gonna say only the first time he passed me counts.

Is that a small-wheel Hamilton?

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