Saturday, September 18, 2021

Saturday Morning Junction

Today is the last Saturday of Summer.  CJ and JB are both out of town on vacation. I started from The Church at 0830. I've been thinking I should do something more than Junction just to show continued progress, but then when I get to Junction, I talk myself out of it. So today was a medium-hard effort, lots of out of saddle pedaling, went pretty high on the aerobic range but not much further.

A little cool with chance of rain - I did feel a little drizzle... arm warmers would've been nice but I wasn't uncomfortable. I have a sore behind my knee where my compression sleeve rubs so I have to figure out some way to protect that spot. 

Wildlife Encounter: turkeys and deer

Tarantula tally: one.  I wouldn't have seen it except there were three guys checking him out close.

Evaluating myself after the ride - I think driving to The Church and riding to The Junction will be my routine for a while, going harder when I feel good. It just seems like more of the same would yield better knee recovery than doing more than I think I should and paying the price after. I also reserve the right to change my mind at any time... so win-win.

Tarantula hunters get the pay off.

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