Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Wednesday Junction PPFD8

I put out a feeler to our gang last night and said I was available any time before 1PM because HOT. Charlie said 0930 and I said yes but nobody else did, so it was just us two.

My knee's been feeling good in the sense that it doesn't hurt too much, but not good in the sense of feeling normal, still seems lumpy and unstable. But I was able to do quite a bit of out-of-the-saddle riding today - even in some of the harder bits. And I was comfortable enough to put in what I thought was a pretty good effort, even though the numbers say otherwise.

Tarantella Tally: one corpse, thought I got a photo but couldn't find it.

So I was pretty much used up when I got to the Junction. Charlie took a few photos and I met Diablo Legend Scott Copper another one of those people whose name I see a lot in my Strava because we know a lot of the same people and yet we hadn't met each other until today.

It got hot a little sooner than I was expecting and it was about 33°C by 1030 so I didn't stick around long, and Charlie went around SGR for a loop.

Intermediate goals in my attempt for total knee recovery:

  1. Junction sub 60.
  2. Juniper.
  3. Summit.
  4. Summit riding from home.
  5. Summit riding from home on my KLEIN
My Klein has bigger low gears and different pedals that are a little harder to get into, so I've still been riding Eddy with the Koppenberg Kassette and the SPD pedals. Which is fine, because he's a good ride, just not as zippy.

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