Saturday, September 25, 2021

Saturday Morning Junction

Plain old Junction with an extra Bump.

Wildlife Encounter: deer on The Approach. Almost didn't see them in time to change my line... so I just yelled at them and they got out of the way.

Saw Rick at Junction - he was doing a TRIPLE SUMMIT. He's recovering from his last crash with and broken bones and surgery and a collapsed lung and he's getting ready to climb Mauna Loa in a couple weeks, so he needs lots of elevation.

Legend of the Bump Progress:

Bumps Today:                02

Bumps of Autumn:        04

People Ahead of Me:     24

Welcome, nature hikers.

Don't have a tandem? NO PROB! Just tie your kids bike to your saddle with a long leash.

Deer, don't jump in front of me!    (whew)

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